Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Catching up with life

It's been so long since I've written, that I think I'm a bit rusty. I'm just not quite sure as to where to begin!
To start, the reason it's been so long is I've moved to a new place. One i just love! It's an old farm house, somewhat out in the country, but also a little too close to a main road. Oh well, it's kinda of hard to be too picky when you are just renting!! I've felt so at home since day one, and I think my sister Crystal nailed it on the head with her comment about the house..."it has 'Mom' written all over it." You tour the house and it seems you see Mom everywhere. She would have loved this place. It's spacious (friends & family that have seen it declare they need a floor plan to get around!) yet cozy, friendly and inviting.
Second, shortly after moving in we tried to get our computer up and running, but nooooo, somewhere in the move, it died!! Great! Moving can be quite the expense, then add the cost of a computer too! Oh well, obviously we did, and here I am finally trying to catch up! Ha!
And now to catch up on my smoking progress...........I fell off the wagon. Oops! Who knew that moving could be so stressful as to make one want to have a cigarette and want it REALLY BAD!!! I couldn't believe how strong the pull was going to be to have one, and of course, I didn't stop with just one. Yes, I'm still smoking, but good news to be had, I've finally restarted my Chantix and I plan by next weekend March 22nd (or sooner) to have put them down again, but this time for GOOD! At least I truly hope so! Sometimes I enjoy my smoke, oh-so-much, but most times I can't figure out why I'm smoking. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth AND I feel guilty. Not sure where the guilt comes in, maybe cause so many people were pulling for them and I feel as though I left them down, who knows?
So much for being rusty...I guess it's like riding a all comes back again!

Before I close, I need to leave you all with a quote.....

It's bad to suppress laughter. It goes back down and spreads to your hips! ~F. Allen