Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Time

What an awesome, tremendous, do-it-again weekend I had with my sisters!! I have never felt so blessed as I was this past weekend spending time with my best friends ~ my sisters. Thank you girls. This is what memories are made of!
If anyone has family they love and adore...I suggest just these kinds of happenings with them! You will NEVER regret a moment you spend with them ~ laughing, loving, sharing, cooking, secrets and memories! Take a moment today, and set a time, a date, to do this with YOUR family. You won't be sorry.

When I look into my heart I see reflections of you
Friday, April 24, 2009

Sisters Weekend

Well, this is it, the day is here!
Two of my sisters arrive today
Tomorrow the third sister comes!!

Weather beee-u-teee-full!

Ok, details later!

Well! Believe it or not...I've had great difficulty accessing my own blogspot!!
But here I am! Now I have got to get out of this winter scene.
HEY! My sisters are coming! My sisters are coming! It's "sisters weekend"! Yay!!
We laugh, drink a little, talk, laugh some more,
Talk, of course, drink some more, share a few tears along the way
Watch movies, listen to music, maybe even shake our groove thing!!!!
We be havin' a great , great time!
OH! And what weather we should have!
Maybe we will lay out on a blanket and look at the stars.
Oh knows?
Update to come after the weekend!