Oh my, where has the time gone? Me thinks there are people out there wishing I would update my blog, but I find it so hard to just sit down and do this!
So following my sisters (and niece's) example, I will try to be more diligent in keeping this up-to-date!
Let's see, I'm still working at Brethren Village, in the Assisted Living wing...and lovin' it lots!! Oh the stories!
Bowling season has begun again....why I torture myself...I'll never know! I guess a 140 average isn't so bad, but I want to be better!
I've discovered my new favorite ice cream "Summer Peach Pie" by Edy's. MmmmMmmmm!
Oh yes! There's gonna be another new little one come March. Andrew and his girl are expecting a baby. So that will make 5! Oh my!!
In past posts, I've talked about my non-smoking success, well that's been tough! I quit. I start. I quit. I start. Now I shall quit...again! One of these times, it's gotta stick!! LOL!
And lastly, and sadly, JR has lost his job. I hope he can find something, cause this not working, for him, is driving him crazy! I guess being able to watch as much TV as one wants to, is not all that it's cracked up to be!!

Treasure relationships with people who let you disagree with them.


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Candace said...

Oh, my gosh you are able to type!!!!! I'm so glad I decided to peek in and see...just maybe...just maybe, you posted something and to my SURPRISE you did!!!! Now lets keep it coming!!

Oh, sorry to hear about jr not working. I know I wouldn't, couldn't stand, sitting around doing nothing and watching t.v for too long....well, maybe for a whole weekend, but then I would have to get up and start doing stuff...I can have at least one weekend...I do deserve it, right? LOL!

Hope to see you guys at the parade!

Love ya sis. :)

Crystal said...

OMG, she is ALIVE!!!! Halloween scary!!!! LOL.. I am so glad I checked in too. So gald to see you post.

Sorry to hear about JR losing his job. I hope he finds something very soon.
C U @ KF!

I know to weird, but I know you will understand. LOL

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